Thursday, July 25, 2013


I've been seeing the most adorable printed tee's lately. They're usually crisp and geometric, but always completely COOL. I decided to give it a try myself with less than $10 worth of supplies from the local art store and a tee I already owned (there's nothing like working with what you've got!).

It turned out to be easy, fast (30 minutes in all), and a complete success! Plus, there is loads of fabric paint left over ... I can't wait to try out some more fabric projects!

Get ready for a gorgeously gilded graphic get-up. It's go-time. (I swear I'll stop now)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Gift time part two! To accompany the stained glass water bottle, I was looking for something unique to get my sister who has recently gotten into yoga. What's more fun than a pretty bag to carry your mat around with?

This bag is based off of Hanri's pattern which can be found here (she has a wonderful blog all about yoga, you should check it out!). I wanted this bag to be specifically for a yoga mat so the design had to be adjusted in the diameter of the bag as well as the overall length. This bag also features straps that automatically close the bag when you wear it. Fun!